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Music is a very broad discipline and can be considered on different levels. First of all: the level of recognition and admiration. Every child should be given an appreciation of the dynamic beauty and expression of classical music. It is very important that we pass onto our children the value of the timeless genres of music such as the deep negro spirituals, the old hymns, and jazz. If our children do not glean from the richness of real music, they will live in the shallowness of what the pop culture has to offer. In addition, it is critical that we teach our children about the important contributions made to music by black composers and performers. It is our job to ensure that their influence is not forgotten or overlooked. It is with these goals in mind – providing your children with an appreciation of classical music and of the black heritage in music – that we have created our Musician Profile Worksheets and our lists of great composers. This is a great way to introduce your child to the amazing world of classical music.

The second level of music is the level of basic musical training. Music is a very powerful tool that enhances brain development. Many studies have proven that having your child listen to classical music while they are doing school can enhance their performance. Giving your child basic training in music including rhythm, tempo, and tones can also assist them in developing in other mental areas. It is advisable for each of your children to take at least two years of some sort of music lessons to gain this basic understanding of music. NBHE has curated playlists for your listening pleasure. Click below to enjoy.

Morning Playlist

Afternoon Playlist

Evening Playlist

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