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The persons below can offer recomendations only.  The information is not an expert opinion.   It is advisable to consult a professional.  

Meca Williams is a doctoral candidate in Educational Psychology at the University of Georgia.  She works with many parents and teachers who are interested in curriculum design, assessments, and student motivation. Ms. Williams works as a homeschooling curriculum advisor in association with NBHE.  Many African American parents consult with Ms. Williams to discuss African Centered curriculum development.

Dr Gregory Clark has a B.S. and M.S. in chemistry. He also has a PhD degree in synthetic organic chemistry with a concentration on natural product chemistry. Dr. Clark has studied the use of natural botanical materials for 17 years and worked to understand the philosophy behind how botanicals are used in different cultures around the world. He currently serves his local church as a youth pastor and works as a research specialist for a Fortune 500 company.

Marcelynn Clark has a B.S. in Microbiology and is a small business owner. She has been enjoying the journey of home education since the birth of her first child. Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Clark have four children ages 11, 9,7and 5.

At the 2005 annual symposium for the National Black Home Educators (NBHE), Dr. Clark gave a presentation on the effects of nutrition on learning, showing a direct correlation between what a child eats and his attention span. Marcelynn presented "The Garden Classroom" which is a series of activities to introduce the scientific method to children.

Paul Dixon is a distributor for the Papa Lemon book series.  This excellent book series provides children with a fun look at historical events.  Some of the titles include: 

–Book 1 Dr. Martin Luther King  (1963)
–Book 2 Harriet Tubman  (1852)
–Book 3 Navajo Wind Talkers  (1945)
–Book 4 Babe Didrikson  (1930's)
–Book 5 California Gold Rush (1848)

 Please check out his website: http://www.papalemonedu.com/

Jean Burk  is the author of College Prep Genius and has written numerous articles about the SAT and PSAT tests, College Prep, and How to Get Free College. She has been featured as an SAT expert on numerous news channels. She homeschooled both her children and they each received incredible scholarships because of their PSAT and SAT scores.  She currently travels and speaks about the importance of college preparation at conventions, book fairs, schools, libraries, etc. She has taught her “Master the SAT” Prep Class all over the United States.  Her teaching DVD was released in the Summer of 2008.    Check out her wonderful materials at: www.collegeprepgenius.com

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