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Annual Conference – NBHE’s National Conference is a great opportunity for families…it is fun and exciting.  The conference offers inspirational talks, practical how-to workshops, and useful resources for parents.  It is a wonderful time to make friends and build connections.   Visit our website for more information. 

Bookclub –  NBHE believes that reading aloud is one of the greatest tools of any parents in shaping their child’s education.  That’s why NBHE is all about promoting excellent books that highlight African American tradition and showcase traditional family values.  NBHE provides a recommended book list that has a few selections to get started with.  NBHE’s Bookclub provides ongoing, monthly book recommendations.  Anyone can visit the blog at: www.nbhebookclub.blogspot.com for great books that have been carefully reviewed by our book review team.       

Curriculum Assistance – NBHE’s aim is to assist families with the right curriculum.  We evaluate curriculum in the light of character, virtue, and moral values that reflect our Christian standards.  NBHE researches and recommends curriculum that is interesting and appropriate for parents and children. See our list of recommended curriculum. 

Getting Started E-book – NBHE will send a complimentary Getting Started Homeschooling e-book to anyone who is interested.  Visit our website to request an e-book today.  Or you can e-mail us to receive a Getting Started Packet via snail mail. 

Grandparents Connection – NBHE’s website offers a tool to help grandparents get involved in their grandchildren’s education.  NBHE’s grandparents page provides encouraging articles and ideas for creating interactive learning moments  with your grandchildren.    

Kitchen –  NBHE’s website offers a treasury of ideas for ways to have fun in the kitchen with your family.  Browse our collection of dinner “themes” and inspirational recipes.   

Local Connections – NBHE has representatives in over 25 states.  Our goal is to connect families with a local contact who can help to guide them through the home education process.  NBHE representatives provide families with information about state laws, support groups, conferences/conventions, etc.  Please look on our website for a list of representatives for each state.

National and Local News – NBHE is in partnership with homeschool leaders and organizations across the country for the most current news available regarding trends in homeschooling.  We keep our website up to date with information about the fight for Parental Rights and other crucial issues.  

Newsletters – NBHE offers monthly e-newsletters free of charge to any who are interested.  They are filled with inspirational messages, practical how to articles, and updates about all the great upcoming NBHE events.  Please sign up on our website to receive our e-newsletters.

Resource Treasury – NBHE highlights assets from the Black American experience such as books, music, videos, booklists, etc.  We want parents to be aware of the many wonderful treasures available in our rich heritage so that they can share these with their children. Our book reviews, published in every newsletter, are especially helpful. 

Special Needs Advice –  NBHE’s Special Needs webpage offers suggested resources for families.  NBHE Associates are also listed and are available to answer questions and provide advice regarding special needs children. 

Website Services – NBHE’s awarding winning website offers information on home education that’s up-to-date and personal to the viewer.  Visit us at www.nbhe.net

Co-ops –  NBHE offers educational support groups in locations around the country around the country in which parents participate to help teach classes to their children.  Co-ops also provide an opportunity for families to connect.  

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