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MATHEMATICS – Taking it Step by Step



When I was a student, mathematics made no sense to me. I didn’t like it and I didn’t want to like it. My first horrible experience was with long division. I was working this problem; it seemed as though I was about to come to an end. Then, you guessed it… there was another zero to be added. The problem went on and on. My paper tore and my work was messy because of too much erasing. I was depressed. My mind was closed and it did not open again until I started homeschooling my own children. Actually, this could have been a deterrent to my choice to teach my children, but their needs superseded my own inadequacies.

Math is a very important part of a child’s world.  In fact, a child’s future may depend on it.  A consistent foundation in early in mathematics builds a strong and quality path for mathematical concepts, computations, problems, etc. An excellent mathematics background should be incrementally established…line upon line, precept upon precept. Children should understand early how the concepts/disciplines of mathematics relate to each other. Vocabulary is very important in this subject. Children must know that until they learn a concept/discipline, and learn it very well, they will not move to the next one. This reassures a child’s confidence and it works. That’s why early involvement is essential.

At a very early age, involve your children (when appropriate) in your household work (sewing, building crafts, cooking, etc). An excellent mathematics textbook is necessary. I tried two different textbooks before I chose one. When you and your child learn an author’s presentation style, it adds to the child’s understanding of the subject. Children must see mathematics as a friend. Practice sheets should be given once a child learns a concept well. These expert sheets reinforce your child’s memory to the discipline taught. Use these sheets when sitting, riding in the car, before bedtime, etc. Also time your children using Expert Sheets. They will like the chance to compete and improve their own performance.   

Following is a list of mathematical terms that your child should be familiar with.  Take the time to work through the list making sure your child understands and can successfully perform each operation.    

As you equip your child with math make an honest effort to work alongside your child.  This learning experience will serve as a successful tool for you and your child.


 Download list of mathematical terms

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