Broadening Your Child’s Horizons 


GEOGRAPHY – Getting to Know our Neighbors

use in conjunction with the Country Profile Worksheet


        Our world is home to the most amazing display of diversity.  Every single one of the 196 countries in the world has its own unique culture expressed in its food, architecture, music, holidays, traditional costume, and so much more.  It is important that we teach our children to understand and appreciate the beauty and richness of the cultures of the world. 


         The Country Profile Worksheet is a simple tool that can be effectively used to broaden your child’s understanding of the world.  It gives them an opportunity to learn a few important facts about each country and to draw the country’s flag.  Please see the following starting list of major countries in the world.  If you are interested, please also see the complete list of the countries in the world.


         Though you may choose to allow your children to work through the list of countries on their own, it is also a great idea to make this a family project.  Get books from the library that have pictures of the country.  Make a big flag for each country you study.  Try a recipe or make a traditional costume. Celebrate a national holiday!  Learn a few words in the native language. Have a “Mozambique day”, an “Egyptian day”, a “Spanish day,” etc. where you celebrate a certain country.   


        Another excellent idea is to ask your children to use their Country Profile Worksheet to give a brief report at the dinner table.  This will give them opportunity to learn to speak and share and will also serve to cement the information in their minds. 


        The possibilities are endless and your children will find great fun in learning about our wonderful world!


                         Download starting list of Countries to Study

                   Download complete list of Countries to Study

                   Download Country Profile worksheet – Ages 6-10

                   Download Country Profile worksheet – Ages 10-14

                   Download Country Profile worksheet – Ages 14-18



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