2017 Essay Contest – HSLDA

September 1 – November 1

Where Would You Go? Who Would You Be?


We're excited to announce the opening of our annual essay contest! 

We invite all homeschool students ages 7—19 to submit thoughtful responses to the prompts outlined below.

You won't want to miss out on this, because winners will receive up to $200 in cash prizes!View contest info and guidelines here. 


Category 1 (Ages 7–10): If you could be an animal, which one would you be and why?

Have you ever found yourself fascinated by an animal in your yard or at the zoo and thought how cool it would be to be that animal? Maybe you would enjoy being a greyhound dog, able to zoom at speeds of 40mph. Perhaps you want to feel the sensation of flying weightlessly like an eagle or fitting through a hole the size of a quarter like an octopus.

Tell us about an animal whose unique features and abilities you would like to experience.

Category 2 (Ages 11–14): If you could travel outside of your country, where would you go and why?

Have you ever seen a picture from a distant land that stirred in you a strong desire to visit that country? Maybe you want to pace the halls of a European king's greatest palace, walk along the Great Wall of China, cut through the thick vegetation of the Amazon rainforest, or camp under the Milky Way in the Sahara dessert.

Tell us about a faraway place you'd like to visit and what makes it so special to you.

Category 3 (Ages 15–19): Considering the role gratitude and generosity play in personal happiness, how should you and your peers approach life after high school? Write a persuasive essay outlining the values and ambitions that your generation should adopt to positively impact your lives.

When asked how much money was enough, American billionaire J.D. Rockefeller famously replied, "Just a little bit more."

It's easy to slip into thinking that we need more money to be happier. But research increasingly shows that intangibles like gratitude and generosity are vital ingredients in the recipe for happiness and good mental health, irrespective of a person's wealth. In fact, onerecent joint university study  found no notable difference in levels of observable happiness from wealthier to poorer countries who had the same high or low level of generosity.

As you prepare for what the future holds for you after high school, we invite you to delve into the relationship between generosity, thankfulness, happiness, and wealth. How are they related or not related? What makes true happiness?

Click here to view the contest guidelines. Happy writing!


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