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What our co-op are all about:

  • Co-op is short for “cooperation”, a co-op is basically a group where families cooperate to provide a better education for their children
  • Most NBHE co-ops provide educational classes for a wide age range of children
  • Classes are taught by NBHE parents
  • NBHE believes that any parent has the gifting and ability needed to teach: the key is selecting a class that you are interested in and that you believe will be fun and helpful – anything from cooking to economics!
  • Every member of the family is encouraged to be a part of the co-op.  NBHE particularly seeks to engage not only mothers, but also fathers and grandparents
  • All co-op attendees are expected to participate in running the co-op – even if you are not teaching, you can assist in many other ways: babysit, clean, prepare snacks – everyone is vital to the success of the group
  • NBHE co-ops not only foster the education growth of the child, but also promote building family to family relationships: NBHE co-op provide the perfect arena to meet and enjoy other homeschooling families
  • NBHE co-ops provide a support group for parents – we believe that you as a parent need to seek the encouragement of being around other parents who share your passion
  • NBHE co-ops encourage the organization of family friendly events – fieldtrips, couple’s night out, father daughter banquets, mother son luncheons, etc.
  • The success of NBHE co-op is built on the involvement and dedication of parents


What our co-op(s) are not:

  • Our co-ops are not a day care – parental participation is required
  • Our co-ops do not replace the role of the parent, they simply supplement it
  • Our co-ops do not replace schooling in the home – NBHE co-op usually meet on a bi monthly basis, thus most of the schooling continues to be done at home
  • Our co-ops do not follow particular curriculum but rather the agenda is tailored to the needs of the individuals


Current NBHE Co-op locations


   Huntsville – contact: Irene Tucker jackandjillmom@yahoo.com


   Baton Rouge –


   Lancaster – contact: Donna Acosta, diverseinpa@aol.com


   Dallas – contact:  Carla Houston c_michellethisisthat@yahoo.com


If you are interested in starting an NBHE co-op please contact us at: contact@nbhe.net

More information on how to start a co-op is available for NBHE members under the members log in page.


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Important: The contents of this website have been prepared for and are intended to provide information for members of the NBHE and those considering membership. Readers must evaluate this information in light of their unique situation to determine what may best suit their family's educational needs.