What is the National Black Home Educators (NBHE)?

NBHE is a national organization of families who are actively involved in their children’s education.  NBHE is organized as a 503©(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt organization.


Where is NBHE located?

We are located in Baker, Louisiana, about 7 miles north of Baton Rouge.


Where does the money go?

We are a nonprofit organization, so monies go to our daily operations, administration, etc.


Is NBHE a Christian organization?

Yes; however, NBHE’s mission is to share the viability of home education with all families.  NBHE’s board, clerical workers, and national representatives are Christians.  NBHE ministry to families is not limited to just Christian families.  We respect parents’ rights to make the appropriate choice for the upbringing of their children.  Our primary objective is to target African Americans with the option of homeschool, and to empower parents to educate their children for excellence.  


What is NBHE’s relationship with local and state homeschool organizations?

While NBHE has no official relationship with any local and state homeschool organization, we do provide groups the opportunity to showcase our treasures, i.e. books, music, videos/DVDs, etc.  Additionally, we work closely with many groups to monitor legislation that involves homeschooling.


What are the benefits of being a part of NBHE?

  • Email e-lerts on local, state, and national homeschooling issues.  
  • Access to national organizations.
  • Access to other homeschool families to share in their success.
  • Opportunities to attend conferences/conventions where African Americans are represented
  • Access to the black experience that builds character, promotes virtue, and strengthens the family unit


Will NBHE sell or give out my address information?  

Except for our NBHE National Representative (NR), all information is kept confidential, including address or personal information.  


What is NBHE’s Mission?

Our mission is to promote parent directed education and homeschooling by empowering parents through information, education, and regional support networks.


Who are NBHE’s Founders?

NBHE was founded by Eric and Joyce Burges in July 2000.  The Burgeses have home educated their five children for nearly two decades and have graduated all five of their children from their home school.


What Types of Media Exposure Has NBHE Had?

Newsweek Magazine (Oct. 98), The Boston Globe (Aug. 22, 2000), Atlanta Journal Constitution, Fox News, New York Times, CNN, ABC.com, New York Times, Focus on the Family in News, The Crisis Magazine (NAACP Magazine), Africana Internet Publication (Jan. 2001), BET Tonight (August 15, 200l), BET News, Essence Magazine (Sept. 2002), Jet Magazine (Sept. 2003), Ebony Magazine (Sept. 2005), British Broadcasting Communication (BBC), other local and national magazines and newspapers (WAFB, Scott Rogers  Around Town Show,  WBRZ, etc.), Ebony Magazine (September 2008)


What are some of NBHE’s Awards and Presentations?

  • Homeschooling’s Best Pioneers Award 2005,
  • House Resolution 85 (Louisiana Legislature 2006)
  • Proclamation (Louisiana’s Governor Bobby Jindal)


What are some of NBHE's Services?

  • Annual Symposium – NBHE’s Annual Symposium is a great presentation for families…it’s fun and exciting.   We think our Symposium is the very best you’ll ever experience, especially if you come as a family.  Look for a future NBHE Annual Symposium …. Keep visiting our website for the most current information.  
  • National and Local News – NBHE is in partnership with homeschool leaders and organization across the country for the latest and most current news available to inform our families about their parental rights.
  • Website Services – NBHE’s awarding winning website offers information on home education that’s up-to-date and personal to the viewer.  Visit us at www.nbhe.net
  • Home Education Consultations – Call our telephone number and ask for a NBHE Consultant to schedule a personal and individualized training session.
  • Workshops/Seminars- You are invited to enjoy an informed NBHE homeschool presentation in the community.  Call our local telephone number for further information for dates and times.
  • Information Packet – NBHE distributes complimentary getting started information throughout the community and nationally.  Visit our award winning website or call to request a packet today.
  • NBHE Materials Preview – We showcase treasures from the African American experience such as books, music, videos, booklists, etc. at conferences across the country.  We want parents and children to take advantage of all the benefits of our rich heritage.
  • Curriculum Assistance – NBHE’s aim is to assist families with the right curriculum.  We evaluate curriculum in the light of character, virtue, and moral values that reflect our Christian standards.  NBHE researches and recommends curriculum that is interesting and appropriate for parents and children.  
  • Quarterly Newsletter – NBHE’s newsletter, The Legacy, is a wealth of information to enlighten the entire family.  
  • NBHE Connection – NBHE representatives provide families with information about state laws, support groups, conferences/conventions, etc.  Inquirers are also privy to the personal experience of seasoned home educated families.  We take the guesswork out of homeschooling.
  • Testing Assistance – Many parent educators would like to use an achievement test.  Our testing consultant is available to help you with questions, as well as, offer suggestions about the kinds of test that would benefit your child.

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